Change returns success

Our actions as individuals can bring a real-world impact.

Planting trees is how we do it.

The complete EEECCCOOOsystem

What we do

"“OK, but what is EEECCCOOO’s role?”"

Simple! We’re a bridge between the organisations dedicated to tree planting and you. They can focus on their work and you can track your donation and make sure it’s going to the right place.

1. Maintain Platform

Provide an easy-to-use platform & attract donators

2. Reeesearch projects

Find the best certified projects run by legit organizations.

3. Projects cccatalog

Offer you the best projects for you to pick from

4. Greater gooood

Make the world a better place! Cheers!

Real talk: Planet alert

Earth is suffering and needs to refill it’s resources.Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees in the next 2 years to help.

How can I help?

Yearly CO2 emissions per capita (worldwide)

According to recent information by the CDIAC, in the last 50 years our CO2 emissions have doubled their growth speed, and again since the early 90’s up to today

Source: Global Carbon Project, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC)

Note: CO2 emissions are measured on a production basis, they do not correct for emissions embedded in traded goods

Everyone can contributeee!

Help with 1 or more trees, or join the monthly offseting programme of your preference.

Transparency is key in our day-to-day ooopperation

About or process

Change is due to come

Achieveable actions make a difference

Photo: Dmitry Dreyer

How you can remove carbon from the atmosphere

The EEECCCOOO-system

1.- Select a project

Pick from our catalog a verified project you want to contribute to

2.- Get certificate and a good feeling

Receive your CO2 offset certificate for your vitual forest

3.- Rewrite the future

Change the path of our planet for the future generations

Theseee are the kind of projecccts we’ll be supporting with yooour help

Southern Haiti, Haiti - Tree Coastal

Mangrove reforestation and restoration project, it plays a key role in restoring ocean health

Photo: Dmitry Dreyer

Maputo Bay, Mozambique - Coastal

Mangrove restoration and reforestation provide stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health

Photo: Dmitry Dreyer

Be part of the solution

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The coreee of our work is financccing reliable tree-planting prooojects all around the world.

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